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Collection Pics & Collection Site Update

I took some time everyday this past week while I was on break to heavily update my collection site so that it might be as helpful as possible to those who might be collecting the same merch that I am. I know how it feels to struggle with identifying items and figuring out if something someone is selling looks anything like the one vague picture of an obscure item you're looking for, so I took pictures of my items at various angles and took some close up shots of the writing on tags in hopes that someone out there will find this information useful. I even took the liberty to write down the Japanese translation of Japanese imported items to help with searches on Y!Japan. Although this post doesn't really show it (because I'm really tired now), I'm really excited that I managed to get this done because I knew it was going to be a big project since I was determined to catalog my whole collection. (It took a whole week and at least 1000 pictures.)

But even though I've compiled a bit of information myself with the help of a few sites, I could still use the community's help in comfirming certain release dates that I'm still unsure of or identifying figures that I haven't found information on. If you know any informative collection sites that you use, I would appreciate it if you shared them too. (I have a few listed on my About page on the site. I will happily link to others if you have one to share.) Thanks for reading and I hope you get some use out of the site! ^_^

Click on this line to enter the collection site.

Before hopping over to the site, I have some preview pics of my updated collection since last year. (If you want to see close-ups of any of these items, feel free to check the collection site. All my collection items should be on there.)

no title
I've reorganized a few of my shelves so that Haunter no longer sits with my Umbreons (trying to make room for incoming Espeons even though I told myself I'm only limiting that collection to pair items with Umbreon). I weeded out my lesser loved doggies for the overrated much more loved Lugias and Charizards. But ahhh my Haunters are so small that you can hardly notice them among all the plushie-filled shelves! Oh, and I just noticed from this picture that the left side is seriously lacking in clearfiles.

no title
Here's my corkboard of flats! It looks rather strange because I started out by organizing it until I got tired with trying to make it perfect so I just stick things where they fit now. I can probably work in some really wide spaces for more items if I reorganized it but I'll just leave it messy for now until I get more flats. ^^

Here are my Umbreons! You'll notice that there's one figure below in the case. I put the Prototype V-trainer in it to protect it from getting dusty because it's my most valued Umbreon piece. The Chupa Surprise figure is standing on top to guard it. :D I've also added a few Espeon pieces since my last update. Can you spot them?

Here are the fire puppies (and Jolteon)! I'm so happy that Arcanine got a new plush last year even though it has a lot of trouble standing up by itself. >< I also got the new Growlithe Banpresto plush and it's on its way from Japan. :D I've been back and forth deciding whether I want to purge my Jolteon collection completely, but I can't really say no to the DX Banpresto Jolteon plush. His floppy ears are adorable!

The dark puppies! I really wish Mega Houndoom or even Houndoom would get an official plush soon. ;-; I got a few new Poochyena and Mightyena Kids from my SSS partner last year, but the Mightyena line is still overwhelmed by all the merch that Houndoom and Absol has. ^^; Oh well. The Poochyena plush helps make it for it though!

My latest get is the 2015 Lugia PC Plush in the middle. I love that he has his arms around Lugia and Ho-Oh like they're bros. I think I just love the Lugia plushies in general because most of them look like they're inviting you for a hug. Isn't that comforting? The Ho-Oh on the right was kind of an impulse buy on my part earlier this year while I was roleplaying as Morty. I wanted to do something silly to my character and since he's obsessed with chasing Ho-Oh, it was only fitting to tease his character with a plush! I really like this plush though so I'll be holding onto it for a while longer.

Here's the hardly noticeable Haunter shelf plus Totodile, the Pokebox tarot cards, and the VHS Pokemon movies. It's okay that they lack a presence on the shelf because the custom plush hanging over my head is hardly unnoticeable. XD

I had to split up my Lati collection into two shelves since they've been getting a lot of new merch lately (not that I'm complaining!). I really like the new PokeColle Latios Bottle figure that I got as well as the Kaiyodo figures on this shelf.

I haven't actually got any new items for Entei recently though I did buy a couple stuff on the community that should arrive later (including the Banpresto figure that eluded me a couple times in the past). I never started collecting clearfiles in the past because I thought they were impossible to display, but when I saw the Legendary Beasts one with the fire coming out of Entei's paws, I just had to have it.

This was the original shelf that displayed my Lati items and now the Tomy plushes are accompanied with the PC plushes! My latest get from this shelf is the Pokepark Tin in front of Latias. I was excited to snag that item because the Pokepark items have always eluded me somewhow. >< I do have a question about a couple items on this shelf though. I'm not sure what the Latios figure on the far right end in the front row is, and I don't know anything about the Latios Battle figure(?) in front of the plushes. Do any Latios collectors have info on them?

And here's the Charizard shelf with arguably my most favorite plush ever: the Best Wishes Tomy Charizard! I don't think I would ever sell this baby because he's the embodiment of Ash's Charizard. I'm so grateful that I managed to win him in an auction last year. I wasn't as excited then, but the more I look at him now, I'm really proud to own this plush. He's so big compared to the Mega Charizards next to him too!

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Apr. 26th, 2017 11:31 am (UTC)
Interested in buying Pokemon Diamond & Pearl 3D Lenticular Card
Hi, I am interested in buying 3D Lenticular Card which you have posted in pkmncollectors community. Is Moltres, Giratina and Electivire still available?
Apr. 26th, 2017 03:41 pm (UTC)
Re: Interested in buying Pokemon Diamond & Pearl 3D Lenticular Card
Thanks for your interest, but I'm afraid I don't have access to any of these items because they're all in America and I moved to Japan. Sorry!
Apr. 29th, 2017 07:01 am (UTC)
Re: Interested in buying Pokemon Diamond & Pearl 3D Lenticular Card
Thanks for replying me. Are there any other sellers whom you are familiar with that are currently selling this item?
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