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Other Anime & Clothes Sales Post

Feel free to check out my Pokemon sales post here.

anime dvds
Love Hina Movie Box Collection: $50
Final Fantasy: Advent Children DVD: $5

anime manga
Wolf's Rain Vol 1: $4
Rose Hip Zero Vol 1-3: $2 each or $5 for all

Pokemon T-Shirts featuring Tyranitar, Pikachu, Charizard, Scizor, Entei, Mewtwo (Size both: Youth Medium - fits me although slightly big at 5'4")
(top) Brand new with tag; never washed or worn - $15
(bottom) Worn once but never washed - like new - $12

Little wear on the bottom
Clefairy Shirt from 1999 (somewhat worn especially on the design and on sleeves; Size: Children's Medium) - $2

Stain on left sleeve
Stain on bottom
Pikachu Shirt from 1999 (design seems to have held up better than the other worn shirts but there are still cracks and stains on the left shoulder and the bottom of the shirt; Size: Children's Medium) - $3

Worn collar
Worn sleeves
Bottom of shirt
Classic Pokemon Shirt featuring Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle (very worn especially along collar and sleeves; Size: Children's Medium) - $2

Classic Pokemon Shirt featuring Zapdos, Raichu, Zubat (somewhat worn; Size: Children's Medium) - $5

Balloon Pikachu T-Shirt featuring Charizard, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile from 2002 (fairly worn with a stain to the right of the balloon; Size: Youth Large (10-12) - $7

Pikachu Shirt & Shorts (Patches are very worn but the clothes are still in fair shape; Size: Children's 7) - $5

Pikachu Sweater (Pocket zipper is stuck because the plastic melted but the top zipper works fine; Size: Children's Large) - $3

Pikachu Children's Shirt (Size: Children's 7/8 - I don't remember ever wearing this but the design is suffering from wear) - $4

Pikachu Swimsuit (Size: Children's 7/8 - used a few times in the bathtub but in like new condition) - $8

Tear under right arm
Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle Sweater (highly worn, few stains; Size: Children's Large) - $4

Hole on right leg
Discoloration on left leg
Pikachu Overalls (Fair condition considering I wore this all the time as a kid; has a hole on the knee from wear and a bit of discoloration; Size: Children's 6/6X) - $4

Pokemon Hand Towel (never been used but needs to be washed) - $8
Children's Pikachu Socks - $5

Worthington Curvy Fit Trouser Legs Size 8, Black - Never been worn (still has tag) - $8

St. John's Bay Wrap, Size Small Black (Same color as the pants but see through, thin material) - Never been worn (Still has tag) - $20

George Career Blazer, Size 8 Dark Blue - Never been worn (still has tag and extra button) - $12

George Career Blazer, Size 8 Black - Never been worn (still has tag and extra button) - $12
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