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I'm past due for a total collection update, so since I'm finally on break, I took pictures of basically everything that I have (well, almost everything). There are a lot of images below, so I separated them into sections. And as always, feel free to check out my permanent sales post. Without further ado, please click the LJ cuts below for my collection update. ^_^

1 copy
Here's a picture of my displayed collection.

2 copy
First set of Umbreon plushes with the newest tarot cards from Pokebox (I'm looking for the first edition too if anyone has them) and the first Pokemon movies that came to VHS.

3 copy
The rest of my Umbreon collection sharing the scene with Haunter! The Umbreon V-trainer is probably the rarest piece in my collection (at least among my Umbreon collection), so I wanted to properly display it in a case. :D

4 copy
My fire puppies and Jolteon. I think I finally have all of them Growlithe and Arcanine plush unless there's a super rare one out there that I forgot about.

5 copy
The rest of my dark doggies!

6 copy
My other fire babies and Lugia. XD Lugia is too big to fit anywhere else, so I stuffed him on this shelf. The way he has his arm up makes me think he's saying, "This is my buddy, Charizard" but Charizard looks like he's leaning away. :P

7 copy
Honestly, I don't know what to do with this shelf because it's small, and I've been weeding away most things here. Basically, everything I decided to keep (or hasn't sold yet) sits here for now.

8 copy
My Lati collection was originally all sitting on one shelf, but I split them up since I've been getting a lot of new Lati merch lately. Now this shelf displays the smalls. <3

9 copy
Entei aka, Mufasa's shelf. I wish there was more merch that showd Entei roaring like the Kaiyodo figures and the one zukan figure. It makes him look very awesome. ^^

10 copy
My "main" Lati shelf. The Tomy plush are supporting the new PC plush I received earlier this month and the Tomy figures are lining up in the front. I really wish I could find a Clear Latios Jakks and a Latios Minicot. I don't like it when my Lati collection looks uneven. It feels wrong. =/

11 copy
Most of my TFG figures sit here along with my canine side collection. I really love Misty, so I've begun collecting here. I already owned the Tomy Misty figure and the dome figure, and I wanted the TFG figure because she looks really cool. The Kid figure was just something I picked up in someone's sales post. I really believe Gyarados is very iconic for Misty, and since I already got a Shiny Gyarados plush that hangs near my collection, I decided to pick up a few figures. Plus, there's an even amount of Misty figures as there are Gyarados figures, so I'm pretty satisfied with this collection. ^^

31 copy
My Braviary collection sits in my office with my Americana stuff. (I study 19th-century American literature, so I like to collect Americana.) I think this is a fitting place for Braviary anyway since it's supposed to resemble the American eagle. My Umbreon package is just sitting there to support them. :P

12 copy
So this is the magic to making the Gyarados "fly." :)

13 copy
My 5th movie wall scroll and Lati handkerchief. I wanted to properly display the handkerchief, so I put it in a frame. It was tough finding one the right size so I had to be creative. ><

14 copy
16 copy
15 copy
More wall scrolls and my other big plush! Haunter hangs over my bed to keep the nightmares away, and I sleep with Latias. Latios sits on a table nearby, but I displayed them both on my bed for this picture.

17 copy
The drawing on the left was part of my exchange gift from the spring event, and my fiance got the banner on the right made for me this summer.

18 copy
I got this picture from Redbubble, and I love it so much. <3

19 copy
All of my charms, inserts, and other flats hang here. Apparently I still have lots of room for more stuff. :D

23 copy
Here's the merch I got from the recent merch that was released for Latis. I'm excited to use the sketchbook. <3

24 copy
A little backstory for the Umbreon/Espeon theme. I really love Umbreon (as you can tell from my main collection), but I never cared too much for Espeon. In fact, I especially didn't like Shiny Espeon because I really hate the color green. My fiance though loves green and hates red (my favorite color), but we've learned to compromise. Now I have a love for Espeon (although it doesn't go as deep for Umbreon), but I've been recently collecting these two together. My goal is to get any merch that was released for Umbreon and Espeon together to resemble me and my fiance. :D

20 copy
The case on top holds most of my Pokemon DS games, and here's a few Gamecube games (the rest are in a box somewhere) and the old boxes for Hey You Pikachu! and the Pokemon Center New York GBA (pictured later).

21 copy
Pokemon DS game boxes, XY game guide, original Pokemon episodes (from Indigo League to Orange League), old GBC/GBA game boxes (most of them were beat up from storage, but I've got all of them except Red, Blue, and Yellow), locked coin box featuring Lapras, and my Pikachu bag filled with my GB/GBC/GBA games.

22 copy
I was pleasantly surprised to find this old Pikachu VCR. I kept the box and the remote, and I have another one that's still in the box and never been played. I'll probably sell one of them later if there's interest.

25 copy
My old Master Trainer game board and the new Monopoly one.

26 copy
My recent Pokemon game gets and my old Pokemon game systems. I couldn't find the box for the Pokemon Art Academy game at the time, so I just showed the cartridge.

27 copy
All the Pokemon Nintendo 64 and GB/GBC/GBA games I own. I think I have most if not all of them. If I'm missing something, could someone point it out? ^^

28 copy
I found my old binder that holds all my Pokemon cards! Let's see what's inside..

29 copy
Gosh there were so many pages. I remember being obsessed about putting them in order even when I got a new card.

30 copy
There's way too many cards to show, so I'll leave you with my favorite one from my childhood. :)

Thank you for looking! :) If you have any questions about any of the items above, let me know! I would be happy to help you identify anything. ^_^
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