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This is a directory post to refer to for all the pages in my journal.

Sales Info & Policies
General Info
- I was granted sales permission on December 1, 2013 by entirelycliched.
- You can find my new feedback here and my old feedback here.
- I screen comments after our transaction is complete (after feedback has been exchanged or when I check that your package has arrived via tracking number).
- Items come from a smoke-free home. I own one dog.
- I ship from the US. Now shipping internationally, but I reserve the right to refuse to ship to certain locations.
- If you're ever concerned about the condition of an item, ask me for more details/pictures. Some damage has been noted on some items that I recall seeing as I add new items. Since I'm constantly updating stock, I don't always remember the exact condition of each item but I try to note any that are extremely damaged.
New: I will consider trading with those I've had positive transactions with in the past. If I decline you, don't feel offended because I could just not be in the mood to trade at that moment. Anyone who wants to purchase an item gets priority over a trade. Check out my Wants List.

Buying Details
- Please do not edit or delete your posts. Just respond to your previous one so you don't lose out on an item.
- Priority will be given to the first person who commits to an item.
- You will have 24 hours to pay for the item(s). If I receive no payment or response within that time frame, the next person in line may claim the item(s).
- Holds are currently not accepted.
- Asking for a shipping quote is NOT committing to an item.
- Once you have committed to an item, you must follow through with your purchase or I will leave negative feedback. If you MUST withdraw your purchase due to an emergency, contact me and we'll work something out.
- I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone I've had negative interactions with even if they're not banned from the community.

Payment & Shipping Details
- I will only accept payment through Paypal.
- Please send money as a payment NOT as a gift.
- Include your username and items you purchased in the memo.
- Listed prices DO NOT include shipping and other fees. Please ask for a quote if you want to know the total price.
- I ship at least once a week. I will always notify you when I ship out your package, so I would appreciate it if you let me know when your packages have arrived safely.
- I am no longer responsible for the item once it's shipped. Please purchase insurance if you're concerned about losing your package in the mail. All packages (including international) come with tracking.

***My sales permission and rules are listed on each page. Be sure to review the rules for each page because they may differ.

I have various sales posts that are frequently updated.
The image on the left will redirect you to my permanent sales/main sales post while the image on the right will take you to my flats sales post. Everything in this post can be qualified as a flat which makes a difference in shipping costs for international buyers.
Below are a list of links to mostly old auction posts. Everything in these posts are sold at the starting prices.

Pokemon Stickers
Pokemon TCG Sales/Trades
Pokemon Clothes, Business Clothes, Other Anime
Remaining Posters ($1 each)
Remaining Settei (selling at starting price)
Remaining Movie/Game Merch, Postcards, Gashapons (selling at starting price)
Remaining 1st & 2nd Gen MIP/New Items (selling at starting price)
Remaining Calendar Pages (selling at starting price)
Popular Pokemon (including Battle Coins) Auction (selling at starting price)
International Shipping Prices Breakdown Just FYI

These are starting shipping prices that DO NOT include Paypal fees. **Shipping to Asia/Mexico/Australia is about $0.50-$1 more than the starting prices above.


Permanent Wants List
TCG Wants


Pokemon TCG Trades List
Plush Trades List


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